[PW] A Century of ROBERT BLOCH, born 5 April 1917

Todd Mason foxbrick at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 5 09:58:51 PDT 2017

Here are some of the new materials, or newly re-offered, in recognition that this has been Bloch's century, and we merely haunt it:

Bill Crider on Once Around the Bloch, Bloch's memoir
Crider on The Will to Kill
Crider on The Kidnaper

Ed Gorman on The Scarf, The Dead Beat, The Will to Kill and "The Yougoslaves"...and Bloch

George Kelley on The Big Binge (also published as It's All in Your Mind)

James Reasoner on Shooting Star and Spiderweb

Jeff Segal on Bloch's work, and particularly "The Head Man" and comics adaptations

Jerry House on Bloch's career and what he meant to Jerry

John Clute excerpted from his encyclopedia entry on Bloch

Patti Abbott on Bloch's "A Toy for Juliette" and "A Most Unusual Murder"

Paula Guran on Bloch

Scott Cupp on Black Magic Holiday, aka The Devil With You!
Cupp on The Will to Kill

Sergio Angelini on the Bloch-scripted film, adapting his short stories, The House That Dripped Blood, with links to other Angelini on Bloch

Todd Mason on some of Bloch's best collections
Mason on the remarkable novella "The Dead Don't Die!"
Mason on Bloch's "Hell on Earth" and its graphic novel adaptation



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