[PW] ? Bolivar Quote (Quotation Query #770)

Shapiro, Fred fred.shapiro at yale.edu
Thu Apr 6 05:26:47 PDT 2017

Wikiquote gives the following information in its entry for Simon Bolivar:

  *   All who have served the Revolution have plowed the sea.
     *   Statement written in his final days, as quoted in Simón Bolívar : A Story of Courage (1941) by Elizabeth Dey Jenkinson Waugh, p. 320; These are sometimes said to have been repeated many times while he was dying, and to be his last words.
     *   Variant translations or reports:
     *   America is ungovernable; those who served the revolution have plowed the sea.
        *   As quoted in Man, State, and Society in Latin American History (1972) by Sheldon B. Liss and Peggy K. Liss, p. 133
     *   Those who have served the cause of the revolution have plowed the sea.
     *   We have plowed the sea.
     *   I plowed furrows in the ocean.
     *   I have plowed the sea. Our America will fall into the hands of vulgar tyrants.

Can anyone help me trace references to this quotation, either in Spanish or in English translation, back before 1941 as far as possible?

Fred Shapiro

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