[PW] A poem on Chaucer not about Chaucer

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Hello, thank you for your help:

I guess the poem is modern, or at least in modern English.
I read those poems, except "After Teaching Chaucer by Burton Raffel which I
could not find, but these are not my lost poem. Unfortunately I have no
knowledge of the author.

Thanks again and best,


On 24 March 2017 at 19:46, Dana Dalrymple <ddalrymple at spokanelibrary.org>

> So do you have an author of this poem, or at least a time period? Is it
> more modern?
> Gale Artemis lists several poems with Chaucer in the title -
> After Teaching Chaucer (Poem) Raffel, Burton
> Balade of Chaucer (Poem) Morland, Margaret Ward
> Chaucer and Windsor (Poem) Campbell, Thomas (Scottish poet)
> Chaucer (Poem) Betts, Craven Langstroth
> Chaucer (Poem) Chase, Mary McLean
> Chaucer, From the Garland of Laurel (Poem) Skelton, John (English poet)
> Chaucer, From the Life and Death of Jason (Poem) Morris, William (British
> poet)
> Chaucer, From the Testament of Cresseid (Poem) Henryson, Robert
> Chaucer (Poem) Hughes, Ted
> Chaucer (Poem) Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
> Chaucer (Poem) North, Charles (American poet)
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> Hello List,
> I'm desperately looking for a poem describing William Chaucer's writing of
> the Prologue.
> It's a poem on a poem, but my searches for things like "metapoem" or "poem
> on the poem" were unsuccessful given the nature of Chaucer's work.
> In particular, in my memory the poem describes Chaucer's choice of tongue,
> marking an hesitation between a French and a middle-English word.
> Any help on that would be great!
> Thanks to all for your attention and hope this message corresponds to the
> list standards,
> VicAche
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