[PW] A poem on Chaucer not about Chaucer

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So do you have an author of this poem, or at least a time period? Is it more modern? 

Gale Artemis lists several poems with Chaucer in the title -
After Teaching Chaucer (Poem) Raffel, Burton 
Balade of Chaucer (Poem) Morland, Margaret Ward
Chaucer and Windsor (Poem) Campbell, Thomas (Scottish poet)
Chaucer (Poem) Betts, Craven Langstroth
Chaucer (Poem) Chase, Mary McLean
Chaucer, From the Garland of Laurel (Poem) Skelton, John (English poet)
Chaucer, From the Life and Death of Jason (Poem) Morris, William (British poet)
Chaucer, From the Testament of Cresseid (Poem) Henryson, Robert
Chaucer (Poem) Hughes, Ted
Chaucer (Poem) Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Chaucer (Poem) North, Charles (American poet)

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Hello List,
I'm desperately looking for a poem describing William Chaucer's writing of
the Prologue.
It's a poem on a poem, but my searches for things like "metapoem" or "poem
on the poem" were unsuccessful given the nature of Chaucer's work.
In particular, in my memory the poem describes Chaucer's choice of tongue,
marking an hesitation between a French and a middle-English word.

Any help on that would be great!

Thanks to all for your attention and hope this message corresponds to the
list standards,

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