[PW] Adult ficition book where children were kidnapped by crazy doctor/scientist

Guest Guest guest20001975 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 16:23:19 PDT 2017

Book was read in late 90's to 2000. Fiction book that was a thriller.
Children were being kidnapped by a crazy doctor/scientist who were
experimenting on them. This doctor/scientist was extremely wealthy and
therefore had people working for him to assist him. Can't remember the
reason for the kidnappings, but one women whose child was kidnapped worked
continuously to find her child. I believe she got the assistance of a
police officer/detective/private investigator to help her. They did locate
where the doctor/scientist was hiding. I believe it was a large underground
house/mansion/lab. This woman's child was alive and well. Also, a very
important subplot of the book involved a female worker for the
doctor/scientist. This female worker had a child that was kidnapped. The
doctor/scientist informed her that he took her child and the only way he
would return her child was if the woman came and worked for him until his
"project" was complete. Her job was to kidnap other children and bring them
to him (this female worker was responsible for kidnapping the main
character's child). Feeling hopeless and desperate she agreed and worked
for him for many years but hated the doctor/scientist. At the end of the
book it was revealed that despite the children that was kidnapped the
doctor/scientist had never kidnapped the female worker's child nor knew the
child's whereabouts.

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