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Sun Mar 12 01:22:41 PST 2017

That same museum skiff from the photo can be seen in this 
video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vijRTKqO_k , and the plaque 
is visible that says that the boat first appeared in (Fred W.) 
Martin's Album of designs for boats, launches and yachts 
(1901).  WorldCat indicates a 1980 reprint of that book is available 
in a number of libraries, including the Los Angeles Public Library.

Also, digital issues of Woodenboat and Boat Design Quarterly can be 
purchased here:


There are photos of men working on one 
here:    http://www.tsca.net/johngardner/martin_skiff.htm

Bill Davis

At 03:34 AM 3/12/2017, Bill Davis wrote:

>"Building the Martin Skiff" was also the subject of a 3-part article 
>in issues 150, 151, and 152 of Woodenboat magazine (Sept. 1999 - 
>Jan. 2000).  "A rowing skiff for 2 or 3 adults.  Ideal for fast 
>rowing on flat waters or in a moderate chop, traditional 
>construction; all solid wood plus plywood bottom."
>There's an image of a Martin Skiff 
>here:   https://www.flickr.com/photos/75439007@N06/11751372174/in/photostream/
>Bill Davis
>At 09:05 PM 3/9/2017, Beers, Carol wrote:
>>Hello fellow Wombats:
>>I am trying to help a patron find plans for a Martin Skiff. I found 
>>it listed in OCLC but none of the libraries on owned a copy. I 
>>found it listed in Boat Design Quarterly 1995 volume 9 listed as 
>>Design #2 13' Rowing Skiff. If any one has a copy of this article 
>>could you please scan it and send it. Thanks in Advance

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