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Resending since I suspect this did not go out to the email group...


Here are the answers to the photos I asked about a while back. Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts, but we were not able to identify any of these before the contest.  We did figure out the answer to a couple after the question was asked.  Out of 57 teams my team finished third for the second year in a row and only one question out of second place.  We were happy with this and look forward to next year.

Side profile of man: We got this one based on clues in the question
Question: this man stood 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighed 165 pounds had brown hair and brown eyes and was an an architect in a very famous but corrupt city. he designed a cathedral, courthouse, bank and other structures, first and last name please.
Answer: Cyrus Pinkney

Two walking lizards: Got this one
Question: Please give us the name of the game this duo represents
Answer: The Cool Croc Twins

Comic truck with football player driving: Missed this one
Question: if you have the ad, what business would you find listed on this truck?
Answer: Graffiti Pizza (a business from my home town)

Doll: Missed this one
Question: 1- Please tell us what specifically each number stands for?
Answer: 1- you're feelin down 2- hip pain 3- you're heavy in the front 4 - you're on the phone all the time 5 - you have bad feet

Inspectors test valve: Got this one by guessing theme related words
Question: This image can be found on the inside cover of the CD. What is the name of the album that features this image?
Answer: Monsoon

Smiling sun: Missed this one
Question: According to kodak this image is a shining example of what?
Answer: Copy Quality

Young Man: Missed this one
Question: What is the performing name of this rapper?
Answer: Chilly Uptown

Stone wall: Missed this one
Question: what specifically is missing from this picture and when was it built
Answer: Rocks shaped as Club, Spade, and Diamond

Figurine Boy: Missed this one
Question: Made of authentic Rigdon porcelain, figure 35-609 can be yours for $89.99 to sell the prop even more the SMALL SCREEN writers put it on a shopping channel and gave it a name, what is the figure's name?
Answer: The Little Traveler

Thanks again for everyone's input,

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Hello again,

I would like to share one more bit of info regarding the hiking boy figurine.  Several wombats have shared that they thought it was a Hummel, but we did determine it is a cheap imitation.  Here's a link to the figurine on Etsy:  https://www.etsy.com/listing/281501190/vintage-large-handmade-hummel-like?ref=market

Vintage Large handmade " Hummel-like" Hiking Boy and Girl figurines/ Porcelain figurines/ Children Hiking<https://www.etsy.com/listing/281501190/vintage-large-handmade-hummel-like?ref=market>
Porcelain figurines- a your Swiss boy and girl hiking with knapsacks. The girl has a walking stick and the boy carries an umbrella. Happy hikers they are, ready for any weather! They are painted in earthen tones and their faces show them to be singing as they walk- probably yodeling! Its marked CE at the bottom. They appear to be handmade. The Boy: 10 Tall and 6 wide The girl: 9-5/8 tall and 5 at the widest Condition is very good.

Now we need to figure out where this photo comes from.  I believe it could be a screen capture from a movie or video.  Possibly from a movie that involves severe weather, like as a tornado approaches they show this figurine shaking on the shelf?  Or maybe someone made a youtube video singing a song about a Swiss boy and sings to this figurine?  Or maybe a Xmas movie and this figurine is shown in a store display case?

Let me know if you have anymore thoughts on these.

** Please, Please, Please: Email only me if you think you have an answer so that other teams can't Google and find it in the Wombat archives. **



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Hello Everyone,

Each year about this time I post a request for help identifying some pictures. These have been particularly difficult the last couple years so this time I will try to give a little more context.

Once again, my team is participating in this for-fun trivia contest and could use some help.  After three years in forth place, last year we finished third. Maybe you can help us be in the top two.  This event is put on by a college radio station in Minnesota where first prize is simply a grab-bag of prizes, a traveling trophy and bragging rights.

When a team registers for this contest they receive a packet of pictures to identify. There will be a question asked during the 50-hour contest regarding each picture. This is just a small part of the bigger contest, but can make a difference in where we rank among the 50+ teams. So far this year we've had success identifying all but 9 photos.

** Please, Please, Please: Email only me if you think you have an answer so that other teams can't Google and find it in the Wombat archives. **

I will let everyone know what the answers are after the contest is over in a couple weeks and give credit to those who helped me out.

Here is a link to the pictures: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3475779/2017_Mystery_Pics.pdf

Some of the pictures have been photo-shopped or are part of a bigger picture, but that's the way we received them.
We've already run the photos through various image search programs, so these remaining photos are more likely to come from a related but not exact online match, movie, record album, Youtube video, book, magazine, business advertisement, etc...

This year's theme is "Weather - Storms", but only some of the pictures will be based on this theme.

The trivia writers like to pair up the photos, meaning that pairs of photos tend to be related in some way, like two out of the same magazine, theme, movie, etc...  Here's some clues based on ones we've already solved, the unsolved ones could be related.
- San Francisco or California, New York, South Dakota or Minnesota
- Gnomes or helicopters
- Tornadoes or weather technology
- Celery, comic book or comics, board game
- Beer/alcohol or tobacco
- Visual related to movies, poster, music, artists or album cover
- Related to a food item, candy, snacks or cereal
- Related to business logo, collectibles, postage stamp, Olympics or Google
- National Agriculture Library

Any thoughts people would like to share would be greatly appreciated.
Never know, you might be surprised to discover one of these pictures came from your local area or your favorite record album or magazine.

Thanks in advance for any help people can provide,

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