[PW] Book about a boy with no memories

Sofia Alonso salonso at salonso.ch
Wed Feb 22 07:48:09 PST 2017

Dear Project Wombat Team

Since I read that book in my late teens, I'm searching for this curious book. I found it in my Library in Bern (Switzerland), but I'm sure it was originally written in English.

German Cover

Dark and quite simple, with a fine ouroboros (silver?) on the front.


Kind of Tolkien-like, with hidden Witches (good and bad), Night Creatures, that could make you Soulless and transform you into a kind of Zombie-Warrior through poison arrows (?), a world full of conflict where you had to hide from quite everyone in order to survive...


A boy wakes up in the middle of a snowy wood, tries to stand up, but notices his bad leg. Nearby he sees a long wooden walking aid, and notices struggle signs nearby him.

Confused and with no memories, he makes it to an abandoned house, where he finds an old woman. She at first is quite rough towards him, but softens a bit throughout the book, in a quest to find his father. Even saves his life a few times.

After a very good read, it turns out that nothing is like it seemed to be. 

(Spoilers ahead)

The old woman is in reality a witch in hiding, to try to bring the Evil of that World to fall. 
The bad leg of the boy is just an excuse to hide her powerful wand as his walking aid. To do that, she had to put a spell on his leg, and another on his memory. 

Only in doing so, she could come close enough to the goal they were officially trying to escape from, in their quest to find the lost father of the boy.

I would love to know the title and the author of that book, and being able to enjoy it once more again.

For the moment, I just want to thank you all for this great service you are doing to the reader community, and for your time in this quest of mine, that, until now, I just failed to bring to an end.

With my best wishes for Luck and Success.

Kindest Regards
Sofia Alonso, BFA

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