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But if "Wapniacl" were an actual surname, what might be the Womb at t's
> conjecture as to its ethnic origin?

Both the sound [w] and the syllabic [l] are pretty rare sounds in the
world's languages, and the combination is even rarer: this is just one of
the ways in which English is an extremely peculiar language.  (Admittedly,
some languages like German and Polish use "w" for the sound [v].)  If it
were written "Wapniacle" it would only be slightly over the top for
English.  Certainly it looks more like English than like any language even
slightly familiar to me (quite a lot).

But Wapniacl is nothing compared to today's preposterous St. Daiaclhhteevh.
 (The Secretary of Defense has the same precedence as the Secretary of War
had, despite the Defense Department not being founded until 1947.)

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