[PW] the non-panhandle part of the state is called what?

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I'm getting the impression there is no specific word for it and each state
refers to the other parts kind-of/sort-of geographically ... I rather like
the idea of using the word *pan* ;)

On Fri, Feb 17, 2017 at 2:11 PM, Linda Stephenson <lindas at dbu.edu> wrote:

> Texas has a panhandle and we, in the Dallas area, call our non-panhandle
> part of the state "North Texas" There's also east Texas, south Texas, and
> so on. I don't know how other states designate a non-panhandle part of
> their state. Does that help?
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> When a state has a panhandle, what is the part of the state that's not the
> > panhandle called?  Is there a word for it?
> >
> I've never heard it given a name.  Perhaps people living in the panhandle
> might call it the pan, but those who don't probably exercise their
> non-panhandler privilege and just blur the disttinction between the state
> and the pan.
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