[PW] "The king's jurisdiction is as long as the king's arm"

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The most similar line that occurs to me is "Your right to swing your arms
ends just where the other man's nose begins," attributed by a Wikipedia
contributor (in the entry for Oliver Wendell Holmes) to Zechariah Chafee,
"Freedom of Speech in Wartime," *Harvard Law Review *32 (1919): 932, 957.


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On Wed, Jan 25, 2017 at 10:55 AM, Thomas Fuller <tdruryfuller at gmail.com>

> A friend is authoring an article on a legal subject and has a dim
> recollection of the proverb or quotation in the subject line -- or some
> variation of it.  He'd like to use it in the article.  Can any of the
> experts on the list provide an authoritative text and a citation?
> - Tom
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