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Mon Jan 23 20:31:31 PST 2017

The two lizard-like critters are doing "Keep on Trucking". I think that's
from an album cover, but I can't remember which one, but I'm sure that
someone else will.


On Mon, Jan 23, 2017 at 6:48 PM, Jerome <superjcm at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> Each year about this time I post a request for help identifying some
> pictures. These have been particularly difficult the last couple years so
> this time I will try to give a little more context.
> Once again, my team is participating in this for-fun trivia contest and
> could use some help.  After three years in forth place, last year we
> finished third. Maybe you can help us be in the top two.  This event is put
> on by a college radio station in Minnesota where first prize is simply a
> grab-bag of prizes, a traveling trophy and bragging rights.
> When a team registers for this contest they receive a packet of pictures
> to identify. There will be a question asked during the 50-hour contest
> regarding each picture. This is just a small part of the bigger contest,
> but can make a difference in where we rank among the 50+ teams. So far this
> year we've had success identifying all but 9 photos.
> ** Please, Please, Please: Email only me if you think you have an answer
> so that other teams can't Google and find it in the Wombat archives. **
> I will let everyone know what the answers are after the contest is over in
> a couple weeks and give credit to those who helped me out.
> Here is a link to the pictures: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.
> com/u/3475779/2017_Mystery_Pics.pdf
> Some of the pictures have been photo-shopped or are part of a bigger
> picture, but that's the way we received them.
> We've already run the photos through various image search programs, so
> these remaining photos are more likely to come from a related but not exact
> online match, movie, record album, Youtube video, book, magazine, business
> advertisement, etc...
> This year's theme is "Weather - Storms", but only some of the pictures
> will be based on this theme.
> The trivia writers like to pair up the photos, meaning that pairs of
> photos tend to be related in some way, like two out of the same magazine,
> theme, movie, etc...  Here's some clues based on ones we've already solved,
> the unsolved ones could be related.
> - San Francisco or California, New York, South Dakota or Minnesota
> - Gnomes or helicopters
> - Tornadoes or weather technology
> - Celery, comic book or comics, board game
> - Beer/alcohol or tobacco
> - Visual related to movies, poster, music, artists or album cover
> - Related to a food item, candy, snacks or cereal
> - Related to business logo, collectibles, postage stamp, Olympics or Google
> - National Agriculture Library
> Any thoughts people would like to share would be greatly appreciated.
> Never know, you might be surprised to discover one of these pictures came
> from your local area or your favorite record album or magazine.
> Thanks in advance for any help people can provide,
> Jerry
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