[PW] Angela Davis Quote?

Wilberton, Ann A.Wilberton at lemanmanhattan.org
Sun Jan 22 08:03:53 PST 2017

"I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept."

That quote has been widely attributed to Angela Davis. I'm looking for the origination of the quote. So far, I have found no citation in regards to this quote. I've checked Bartlett's and even Gale Power searched it. I searched Google Books thinking it might have been in one of her books that was scanned for google books. I've searched several databases at NYPL. I searched Google Scholar. I found numerous instances of the quote being attributed to her and no other person; but, I need to know where it came from. I'm guessing a speech or interview; i just can't find conclusive evidence.

Any help is much appreciated.

Ann Wilberton
Upper School Librarian
Léman Manhattan Preparatory School
1 Morris St.
NY, NY 10004

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