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Courtesy Andrew Porter:

Baycon (1968) Worldcon - Remembrance of Things Past: H.P. Lovecraft and the Pulps panel. One hour.

Baycon, the 26th World SF Convention, was held in Oakland, California in 1968. This entertaining, funny recording of the Lovecraft and Pulp Fiction panel brings luminaries of the field telling their personal anecdotes about H.P. Lovecraft (and Robert E. Howard), and what it was like to write for the pulps. Listen to Fritz Leiber, Robert Bloch, Edmond Hamilton, Emil Petaja, E. Hoffman Price, and Jack Williamson, with accompanying photos. The panel is moderated by Baycon co-chair Alva Rogers. This excellent recording is courtesy of the Pacifica Radio Archives.

FAANS (1983) - A Fannish Mystery. 35 minutes.
Starring Roger Sims and hordes of Midwest fandom, this 1983 video was created by Larry Tucker and written by him and Randy Bathurst. Watch as hotel dick Mundane discovers iconic fannish myths including lime jello surprises, probability seminars and Uncle Albert. For more information on this video, see the Fancyclopedia article at <http://fancyclopedia.org/faans>. Access to this material provided by Steven Silver and by Joel Zakem, and brought to Youtube by Fanac.org.

SunCon (1977) Worldcon - Guest of Honor Speeches: Bob Madle and Jack Williamson. 46 minutes.
SunCon, the 35th World SF Convention, was held in Miami Beach in 1977. This audio recording, with accompanying photographs/images, brings you all of Bob Madle's Guest of Honor speech, and the first part of Jack Williamson's speech, including how Jack found science fiction and became a writer. Robert Silverberg's introduction for Jack is a heartfelt appreciation for one of science fictions true Grandmasters. 

MidAmeriCon (1976) Worldcon - Mimeo Fanzine Workshop. 90 minutes.
MidAmeriCon, the 34th World Science Fiction Convention, was held in Kansas City in 1976. Featuring moderator Linda Bushyager, Moshe Feder, Patrick Hayden (now Patrick Neilsen Hayden), Victoria Vayne, Gary Farber, Jon Singer and Taral Wayne MacDonald, this panel discusses what used to be the commonplace wisdom of mimeography, but today is an esoteric look at the fanzine production practices of 20th century fandom. Includes a wonderful segment early on where Jon imitates a mimeo, and a novel use for the New York Times. There is about a 20 minute period where the video is damaged, but the audio remains clear throughout. All thanks to the Video Archeology Project for supplying this material.
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