[PW] " An Army Marches on Its Stomach "

Marisha Sullivan msullivan at acdl.info
Thu Dec 29 15:05:22 PST 2016

There is a German idiom that is the same as this, though how to trace it in
German I do not know. It is, "Ohne Mampf Kein Kampf". You may try tracing
this idiom to its origin. Happy New Year!

Marisha Sullivan
Teen Librarian
Ashtabula County District Library

On Thu, Dec 29, 2016 at 5:44 PM, Barbara Schmidt <schmidtbrb at gmail.com>

> The thought occurs to me that the original wording of this quote, if it
> came from Friedrich II, would have been in German.  Are there original
> letters or writings from Friedrich that contain the sentiment in the German
> language? German translations into English can be tricky if one does not
> have the entire context.
> Barb
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