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Here is an earlier citation in November 1986 that refers to a CBS
television documentary. This version places a time limit on indirect

Date: November 9, 1986
Newspaper: Marietta Journal
Newspaper Location: Marietta, Georgia
Article: Cost of 'free' sex can be higher than many believe
Article Author: Phyllis Schlafly (Syndicated columnist)
Quote Page 10B, Column 1
Database: GenealogyBank

[Begin excerpt]
"When you have sex with someone today, you also have sex with everyone
they've had sex with for the last five to seven years." That's the one
line that most people remember from the recent blunt and graphic CBS
documentary called "AIDS Hits Home."
[End excerpt]

Below is a an instance that does not mention a time limit.

Date: November 17, 1986
Newspaper: Logansport Pharos-Tribune
Newspaper Location: Logansport, Indiana
Article: Sexual Attitude Changes Can Help Stop AIDS Spread
Quote Page 3, Column 1
Database: Newspapers.com

[Begin excerpt]
"Something I've been telling people is that when you have sex with
someone, you're also having sex with everyone they've ever had sex
with," explained Deborah Taylor, AIDS coordinator for the Indiana
State Board of Health.
[End excerpt]


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>>> The adage was disseminated in December 1986 via the widely syndicated
>>> "Dear Abby" newspaper column..."
>> And as those searching are probably aware, the term AIDS didn't come into
>> use in magazines and newspapers till about 1982.  Searches for the full name
>> of
> I believe, though cannot prove at the moment, that the basic form of the
> adage is actually older than that; I recall my pathogenic bacteriology
> professor saying something similar in class in 1974, though I recall it as a
> discussion of syphilis.
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