[PW] ? AIDS Quote (Quotation Query #757)

Donna Halper dlh at donnahalper.com
Tue Dec 27 11:00:10 PST 2016

On 12/27/2016 12:40 PM, ADSGarson O'Toole wrote:
> The adage was disseminated in December 1986 via the widely syndicated
> "Dear Abby" newspaper column..."

And as those searching are probably aware, the term AIDS didn't come 
into use in magazines and newspapers till about 1982.  Searches for the 
full name of the disease ("acquired immune deficiency syndrome") give 
many results, but they also show the disease was being referred to back 
then as a "mysterious illness" that only affected gay people, drug 
users, "Haitian boat people," and hemophiliacs; and the abbreviation 
(AIDS) was always explained after the full name of the disease was 
given.  The abbreviation alone (without the full name of the disease) 
didn't become more common till the mid-1980s, so it would make sense 
that adages about it would emanate during that time period.

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