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S M Colowick wrote:
> It's also, says Google, in a 1986 book, A Young Woman's Guide to Sex,
> on page 170:
> "In essence, when you decide to have sex with someone, you are
> deciding to have sex with every partner he has had."

The excellent match S. M Colowick found in "A Young Woman's Guide to
Sex" by Jacqueline Voss and Jay Gale occurred in the 1988 edition from
Body Press. That is checkable by looking at the snippets shown when
searching for "1988" and for "Body Press" within the book containing
the match.


WorldCat suggests that there was also a 1986 edition from Body Press,
but I conjecture that the text was different.

I accessed an edition from Henry Holt and Company, New York with a
1986 copyright. A note on the publication page says "First published
in January 1987 by Henry Holt and Company, Inc." The same page states
that the book is a "First Edition".

The target quotation: "In essence, when you decide to have sex with
someone, you are deciding to have sex with every partner he has had"
seems to be absent in the Henry Holt 1987 edition. It was not on page
170 and various attempts to locate the statement within the book

Hence, I suspect that the adage was incorporated into a revised
edition published by 1988. Thus, the Dear Abby correspondent still has
precedence. Please double-check.


> On Tue, Dec 27, 2016 at 9:12 AM, S M Colowick <januarye at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> "You're not just sleeping with one person, you're sleeping with everyone they ever slept with."
>>> Theresa Crenshaw, "Men, Women, Sex and AIDS," NBC-TV, January 13, 1987
>>> Are there earlier expressions of this same thought, which I think was common in the early days of AIDS?
>> Just a month earlier:
>> Dec 1986, Chicago Tribune (via ProQuest), page 2.
>> Dear Abby: ... "When you sleep with someone, you are also sleeping
>> with EVERYONE THAT PERSON HAS BEEN WITH." ... Barbara H., Queens, N.Y.
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