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Fri Dec 2 10:00:03 PST 2016

with flying colors, Kay...
  So I am now re-posting my previous message on the first Xmas tree  to 
have elec lights -  which may have gone astray:
"In doing some research on the first Xmas tree to be lit up  with electric 
lights - not with a searchlight - but with those little  colored/flashing 
bulbs that replaced the earlier candles...
  Most books and websites give 1882 for the year, and some go so far  as 
naming the exact date and reporting newspaper, but never showing the  ACTUAL 
newspaper clipping itself. The newspaper most often cited (and  even quoted 
in extenso = "Last evening I walked over...") is the  'Detroit Post & 
Tribune', Dec. 22, 1882 (but never a page number either).  The reporter is 
sometimes named as Wm A. Croffut, and he is sometimes mentioned  as also writing it 
up for the 'NY World,' on same or similar date.
 The man who put up the Tree is generally named as Edward H. Johnson  (a 
well-to-do friend/associate of Thomas Edison), but sometimes his home  address 
(with the elec tree) is given as 139 E. 36th Street in NYC and  sometimes 
as 56 W. 12th St, also NYC. Could he have had a tree at both  places?
 I have found some references to his elec tree in  early 1883, which do 
refer to the lighted Xmas of 1882, but so  far, no orig papers from 1882 (in 
real time). The NY Times got around to it  in Dec 1884.
 So, does there exist the actual article (from Dec 22, 1882) in  the 
Detroit newspaper, and is it possible to see it? Other sources also claim  that 
Johnson was the first person to get a US(?) patent for the elec-lighted  tree. 
However, a search thru Google patents does not reveal such a patent by him  
ca 1882. Of course, the name of the patent may not actually say "Xmas tree" 
so  it may be concealed thru some circumlocution (e.g. 'Display lights,' 
 Much thanks in advance for clearing up this Yuletide mystery.
Allen K."
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Did  we pass?


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