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I'd suggest not quite, though given all the other Philip Jose Farmer materials written from the perspective of other fictional characters (he loved to do this, including but not limited to those spun off from the Kilgore Trout references in Vonnegut's books), he might well've couched several as books within books...
Also, given Kilgore Trout was the mostly affectionate, if also despairing, analog to Vonnegut's friend and inspiration Theodore Sturgeon, BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS and some of the others of KV's verge on being relevant here, too. 
Meanwhile, among the conceits Farmer enjoyed playing with, one of the funniest on the face of it is "The Jungle Rot Kid on the Nod," a Tarzan story as by William S. Burroughs rather than Edgar Rice Burroughs. Tarzan was a particular fascination for Farmer. 
Among other parodists in fantastic fiction, Richard Lupoff (usually as by Ova Hamlet), Randall Garrett (particularly in those gathered in the volume TAKEOFF), and John Sladek would publish Not Quite relevant work that was as if by other writers in the field, or obvious analogs of them.
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 I have to wonder if "Venus on the Half Shell" fits here? Kurt Vonnegut
ascribed it to his fictional character Kilgore Trout. However, the real
book was written by Philip Josè Farmer somewhat later.


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> True, but in the case of Moses the books weren't written down until 4-500
> BC, but they were transmitted orally and accurately from Moses and the time
> of Moses. In the case of Paul, his letters probably are his letters, you
> might be thinking of Hebrews (author not known for sure), or the Gospels,
> where it is the community of that Evangelist who might have helped with the
> writing of that Gospel, though still by that Evangelist,
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> Without wishing to open a can of worms, there are countless historical
> works that meet this description, including several books of the Bible.
> The first five books of the Old Testament were not written by Moses.
> Several of the letters ascribed to Paul were written by other people.  This
> is a larger example of "Churchillian drift", where writings or quotations
> are ascribed to famous authors in order to give them more weight.
> The more narrow inquiry might be "what are examples of works attributed to
> famous authors when everyone knows the attribution is fictional?", which is
> not quite the same thing that was asked.
> - Tom (really Tom, not somebody else)
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