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Could it be "Shark Lady"?  Book came out in 1978.



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Hi Everyone, No rush on this, I'm just trying to find a copy for my nephews.

In the very early 80's I read a short book about a girl who grew up near an aquarium and fell in love with lemon/nurse sharks. When she grew up, she wanted to become a marine biologist because of her early experiences with sharks, and I'm pretty sure that the book is written from the perspective of her looking back at her childhood. It would have been unique for the fact that is was a girl wanting to be a marine biologist.

As a kid I would have thought of it as non-fiction, but of course, I would have been too young to know for sure. It wouldn't have been more than 40 pages or so. I remember being amazed that she was able to touch the sharks when she was a child.

Any leads on this title would be wonderful, thank you all so much!!


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