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Sat Nov 12 07:45:15 PST 2016

  As many of you know, Robert Hartwell Fiske, editor and  proprietor of the 
on-line monthly journal The Vocabula Review, died a  few months ago.  Some 
of his friends and contributors to TVR tried  to keep it alive after Robert 
was gone, but failed to find the necessary  support, so now it too is gone.  
Those of you who read TVR will  know that everyone who cares about the 
English language and related subjects has  suffered a loss; there is no 
periodical anywhere, online or on paper, that  covers the same range of subjects, 
and does so at so high a level of  excellence.
   I was shocked to learn just a few days ago that  the archive of all TVR 
issues, for years available online to all  subscribers, was no longer on the 
Web; apparently those responsible for Robert's  estate did not see the 
point of paying the price of keeping his life's work  available.  I'm sure, 
though, that at least some of the institutional  subscribers to TVR have such 
complete archives on their own sites, and  I ask all of you with any knowledge 
of the matter to let me, and all of us, know  where such archives can be 
found, and how to get access to them.
                    Mark Halpern

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