[PW] Ed Gorman: a tribute on his 75th birthday anniversary to the late writer, editor and more

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Wed Nov 2 15:27:53 PDT 2016

Patricia Abbott has put together today a list of links, and a selection of remembrances at the link itself, of the late Ed Gorman...a very valuable set of memoirs and assessments. Here's the list of the new materials at Patti's link, as well as those I'd come across shortly after Ed's passing (and see Patti's (and again) link for the direct link to her page for today):
Among the blog reminiscences so far,
revised to include links from the Patti Abbott list on 2 November:
Bill Crider (and again)
Patti Abbott (and again, organizing a remembrance on his 75th birthday)
Sandra Seamons
Kevin Tipple
Max Allan Collins
Juri Nummelin 
Jon Jordan 
James Reasoner (and again)
Jerry House (and again)
Ben Boulden
J. Kingston Pierce (and again)
David Cramner (and again)
Jake Hinkson
Lee Goldberg
Mike Stotter
Janet Rudolph
Charlie Stella
B. V. Lawson
George Kelley
Matt Paust
Martin Edwards
Cullen Gallagher
Sergio Angelini
Barry Ergang
Tracy K.
Dave Zeltserman
Molly Duffy, obituary in The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, IA)
Locus Magazine Online

earlier recognition
Gerald So
Tom Nolan in Mystery Scene (courtesy Patti Abbott)
Steve M. in re: westerns 
Dale Jones in The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, IA) (courtesy Pierce)

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