[PW] 'New York World' online?

AllenAmet at aol.com AllenAmet at aol.com
Sun Oct 30 18:57:46 PDT 2016

   I used to think that back issues of the 'NY World' were  searchable and 
available on fultonhistory.com but I don't see it  (them) there now.
  Specifically I am looking for the front page of the Jan. 3, 1885  issue, 
which had a long column on a New Year's Dinner held in NJ, at the home of  
William J. Hammer. It was supposedly a remarkable event, with all kinds of  
electrical devices, automata, gadgets, etc. held for the "Society of  
  Various sources now give different dates - even years - for  this unusual 
Dinner. And based on what I dimly remember, I sometimes wonder  if it 
really took place as described.
  Anyway, if I could see the actual article again, it would be very  
helpful. The 'same' article (and same date) may have also appeared in the  'Daily 
Advertiser and Journal' (of Newark, NJ). 
  Much thanks in advance!
Allen K.

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