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Hello Lysa,

The site, askart.com allows free access on Fridays to its collected
biographies, and they have an entry for Helen Markey. I will note that
this entry mentions this list [lists.project.wombat.org] as a source. 
That answer came from our own S.M. Colowick:

Thu Feb 17 14:52:57 PST 2011


Here is the Biography from the Archives of askART:

“Bullock’s Downtown Galleries presents ‘Europe Through an Artist’s
Eyes’. See France, England, Italy, Greece …. 24 oils by Helen Markey,
noted oil painter. Educated at the University of California of Los
Angeles, Miss Markey now maintains a studio in Paris and one in
Oceanside, California. She has worked with many of the outstanding
French painters, notably Andre L’hote, in Paris. Miss Markey has been a
member of the Women Painters of the West for the past 20 years and her
work is represented in many collections in both Europe and the United
States.” and untitled repro., LAT, February 2, 1961, page B 3; “If this
is the same person, she seems to have been married to one Joseph Markey.
There's a whole Web site devoted to some convoluted intrigue involving
the Markey family … -- http://caesarearezac.com/index.html#start -- that
mentions "paintings by Patricia’s maternal grandmother (Helen Markey)
.." Another page -- http://caesarearezac.com/joseph-markey.html -- says,
"Dr Joseph Markey was an Oceanside multi - millionaire, a property
tycoon. By profession Joe was an ophthalmologist (an eye specialist for
medical and surgical problems), but by inclination Joe was a devoted and
talented amateur archeologist and self-avowed treasure hunter." from
lists.project.wombat.org; exhibited Oceanside Museum of Art.

Source: Nancy Dustin Moure, "Publications in California Art No. 11 ,
Index to California Art Exhibited at the Laguna Beach Art Association,
1918-1972; 2015 edition"


Ellen C.

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