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-- H. Simpson, *The Simpsons*

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> On 10/15/2016 7:25 PM, Shapiro, Fred wrote:
>> One of my difficult challenges in working on the second edition of the
>> Yale Book of Quotations is to determine the most famous TV catchphrases of
>> recent decades (difficult because I haven't watched many of even the most
>> popular shows).  If any of you have watched enough modern TV to be able to
>> help, I would welcome any feedback as to which of the following are "top
>> 100 TV catchphrases of all time" material.  Any input on relative
>> fame/cultural importance ranking among these catchphrases would also be
>> very valuable.  And, of course, suggestions of other very famous
>> catchphrases from recent shows would be great.
> Grey's Anatomy: _"We have to dance it out."_  (Every time Meredith &
> Cristina had an argument, at the end, they would dance together and that
> seemed to make them both feel better.)
> And in their final scene together after Cristina was about to leave the
> hospital (and the show) in 2014, she said _"We have to dance it out. That's
> how we finish."_   That quote got printed on a lot of fan T-shirts.
> Also, is this just about American TV catch-phrases?  One of the most
> popular detective series in Canada (also shown in many other countries,
> including the US) is Murdoch Mysteries. It just celebrated its 10th
> anniversary in fact.  It takes place in Toronto during the period from
> 1895-1905.  The show's catch-phrase, spoken by Detective William Murdoch to
> constable George Crabtree every time the constable brings in some new
> evidence or information related to the case is _"What have you, George?"_
> (Also on a number of fan T-shirts.)
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