[PW] "Iiable" used as a noun in "The Univited"

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Fri Oct 14 14:01:03 PDT 2016

I was unable to find a viewable text of the original, but here's an audiorecording of it, of which the first two chapters are free to download as an MP3. 


You or your patron could listen and see if the description is the same or uses another word.

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Subject: [PW] "Iiable" used as a noun in "The Univited"

Patron brought in a reprint copy of Dorothy Mcardle's The Univited. On page seven, the description of a place reads "a liable opened onto the drive."
The question is, what is a liable in this context?  Or is it a misprint?
We checked the OED (print) and didn't find any definition that seemed to fit.  I also looked at a couple of slang and architectural dictionaries and didn't see it.

Any help appreciated!

Regards, Jeanne

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