[PW] Friday's "Forgotten" Books; the links to the reviews for 7 October 2016

Todd Mason foxbrick at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 7 07:52:20 PDT 2016

Patricia Abbott: Let Him Go by Larry Watson 

Sergio Angelini: Cakes and Ale by W. Somerset Maugham

Yvette Banek: Picture Miss Seeton by Heron Carvic

Bare Bones crew: EC Comics, November 1951

Elgin Bleecker: Old Hellcat by T. T. Flynn

Brian Busby: The Keys of My Prison by Frances Shelley Wees

Bill Crider: Fantastic, February 1958, edited (after a fashion) by Paul W. Fairman

Martin Edwards: The Skeleton in the Clock by "Carter Dickson" (John Dickson Carr)

Will Erickson: Clive Barker's Shadows in Eden edited by Stephen Jones

Curt Evans: "So You're Going to Write a Mystery" by Kurt Steel; correspondence, including critique of Kurt Steel,  from Raymond Chandler

Barry Gardner: Caught in the Shadows by C. A. Haddad

Rich Horton: Their Husband's Wives edited by William Dean Howells and Henry Mills Allen

Jerry House: Quicker Than the Eye by Ray Bradbury

Bernadette Inoz: The Wrong Man by Jane Jago

Margot Kinberg: The Good Boy by Theresa Schwegel

Tracy K: From Russia with Love by Ian Fleming

George Kelley: General Murders by Loren D. Estleman

Rob Kitchin: Slicky Boys by Martin Limón

B. V. Lawson: The Hand in the Glove by Rex Stout

Steve Lewis: What's in the Dark? by "Ellery Queen" (Richard Deming in this case); Post-Mark Homicide (aka The Widow Gay) by A. A. Marcus

Neer: Epitaph for a Spy by Eric Ambler

John F. Norris: recent vintage acquisitions

Mathew Paust: The Glass Character by Margaret Gunning

J. Kingston Pierce: the cover paintings of Paul Rader, as for Find My Killer by Manly Wade Wellman

James Reasoner: The Comstock Lode by Tom Curry

Richard Robinson: Superman for All Seasons by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale

Gerard Saylor: Lights Out by Ted Koppel

Kevin Tipple: The Territory by Tricia Fields

"TomCat": The Moai Island Puzzle by "Alice Akutagawa" (translated by Ho-Ling Wong)

Prashant Trikannad: books by weight: a quartet

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