[PW] accounts of PTSD/other disorders in *American* World War Iveterans?

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I first found the LC authority, which gives "war neuroses" as a refer from 
to "shell shock."  WorldCat has nearly 450 records when I limited the search 
to "English language."  LC has 25 entries under "war neuroses" limited to 
items in English; there are 25 entries under that heading and language.

You might want to check with the service academy libraries to see if they 
have any archival materials.


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I am doing research on behalf of a friend who's writing a novel partly set
in the US in the years immediately after WWI.

She wants some accounts of the psychological experiences of American
veterans in the postwar years

I told her to read Hemingway's "Soldier's Home" for a portrayal of the
alienation experienced by many former doughboys.

I've also been looking online and searching catalogs for any letters,
diaries or memoirs of members of the AEF. I have also been looking through
histories of the 1920s. No luck.

I realize given the time period many men would be reticent about any kind
of trauma they were experiencing, so this could well be something difficult
to find.

I would appreciate any help any of you can provide.

Thanks in advance,

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