[PW] Story about Klipsch shirt arrest in Arkansas in Playboy magazine ca 1977

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I can't be helpful, but I also can't help but notice your initials.  How many BS tee shirts do you own?

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> On Sep 26, 2016, at 5:04 PM, Bradley Scott <bradley.a.scott at gmail.com> wrote:
> One of my colleagues passed along the following query:
> "[Question]: I am a Reference Librarian and have been asked by a
> patron to find an article that appeared probably in 1977 in Playboy
> magazine. It concerns the man's arrest for wearing a tee-shirt with an
> obscenity on it (the word "BS"), and occurred in Arkansas at a
> festival associated with Klipsch speakers (music equipment company). I
> see LC has an elusive volume titled "Moore's Indes to Playboy
> magazine." Would someone be able to track this down and get me
> bibliographic data for the article so I can do an ILL? Thanks."
> Unfortunately the website of the publisher of Moore's Index seems to
> be partially defunct, and few if any libraries appear to hold the
> title.  Does anyone on the PW list have this index covering the
> relevant years, or know of another good index to Playboy articles from
> the mid to late 1970s that could answer this query?  Or, perhaps, have
> a collection of the magazines themselves that could be perused for
> this information?
> I note that the Klipsch speaker company, which was started in Hope,
> Arkansas, has reportedly used "BS" or "Bullshit" as an unofficial
> company motto for many years and produced official company Tshirts
> bearing this motto starting in 1975.  The company website has a page
> about their use of this motto which mentions an unnamed University of
> Arkansas student being kicked out of class for wearing one of their
> shirts.  This may or may not be the event that my colleague was asked
> about.  <www.klipsch.com/bs>
> Thanks in advance for any assistance that can be rendered.
> Bradley A. Scott
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