[PW] Story about Klipsch shirt arrest in Arkansas in Playboy magazine ca 1977

Bradley Scott bradley.a.scott at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 14:04:39 PDT 2016

One of my colleagues passed along the following query:

"[Question]: I am a Reference Librarian and have been asked by a
patron to find an article that appeared probably in 1977 in Playboy
magazine. It concerns the man's arrest for wearing a tee-shirt with an
obscenity on it (the word "BS"), and occurred in Arkansas at a
festival associated with Klipsch speakers (music equipment company). I
see LC has an elusive volume titled "Moore's Indes to Playboy
magazine." Would someone be able to track this down and get me
bibliographic data for the article so I can do an ILL? Thanks."

Unfortunately the website of the publisher of Moore's Index seems to
be partially defunct, and few if any libraries appear to hold the
title.  Does anyone on the PW list have this index covering the
relevant years, or know of another good index to Playboy articles from
the mid to late 1970s that could answer this query?  Or, perhaps, have
a collection of the magazines themselves that could be perused for
this information?

I note that the Klipsch speaker company, which was started in Hope,
Arkansas, has reportedly used "BS" or "Bullshit" as an unofficial
company motto for many years and produced official company Tshirts
bearing this motto starting in 1975.  The company website has a page
about their use of this motto which mentions an unnamed University of
Arkansas student being kicked out of class for wearing one of their
shirts.  This may or may not be the event that my colleague was asked
about.  <www.klipsch.com/bs>

Thanks in advance for any assistance that can be rendered.

Bradley A. Scott

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