[PW] Historical time zones in the US

Gary Lee Phillips tivo.overo at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 15:31:36 PDT 2016

Apologies for slow answer to this. I had to pull the appropriate reference
work out of storage.

According to "The American Atlas: US Latitudes and Longitudes, Time Changes
and Time Zones" compiled by Neil F. Michelsen (San Diego, CA: Astro
Computing Services, June 1978. ISBN 0-917086-16-3):

Bristol, Bristol County, VA (36N36 82W11)
Bristol, Sullivan County, TN (36N36 82W11)

Have both followed the same time zone changes since November 18, 1883 when
standard time was first instituted in the US. Prior to that, both towns
used local mean time determined by setting noon to match the time when the
sun crosses due south.

This was EST except when War Time was followed in the summers of 1918 and
1919, and from February 9, 1942 through September 29, 1945. As of April 30,
1967, both began to observe EDT on the standard schedule recommended by the
federal government. Prior to 1967, their only observance of clock
adjustments was during the aforementioned War Time requirements.

This reference source is reliable in my experience, at least up through the
year in which it was compiled. Obviously it can't include changes made
after 1978.

--Gary Phillips, Marengo IL

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