[PW] Friday's "Forgotten" Books: the links to reviews and more

Todd Mason foxbrick at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 19 11:17:05 PDT 2016

The links collected, as usual, at founding host Patricia Abbott's page, along with her review of Dolores Hitchens's FOOL'S GOLD

Sergio Angelini, THE LITTLE DRUMMER GIRL, John LeCarre
Les Blatt, MALICE IN WONDERLAND, Nicholas BLake
Brian Busby, GAMBLING WITH FIRE, David Montrose
Bill Crider, THE GOBLIN RESERVATION, Clifford Simak 
Martin Edwards, THE SEAT OF THE SCORNFUL, John Dickson Carr
Curt Evans, ACEDIA, THE NOONDAY DEVIL Ursula Curtiss
Rich Horton, THE REBELLIOUS STARS, Issac Asimov (essentially, THE STARS, LIKE DUST); AN EARTH GONE MAD, Roger Dee
Jerry House, THE BRASS RING, Lewis Padget 
George Kelley, THE BEST OF AMAZING STORIES 1940 edited by Jean Marie Stine and Steve Davdson
Margot Kinberg, THE DINNER, Herman Koch
Kate Laity, THE DAIN CURSE, Dashiell Hammett 
B.V. Lawson, SHE SHALL HAVE MURDER, Delano Ames 
Steve Lewis, THE JEWELS THAT GOT AWAY, Gary Matterom
Todd Mason, FANTASTIC STORIES, December 1971, edited by Ted White; THE MAGAZINE OF FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION, December 1971, edited by Edward Ferman  
Mathew Paust, THE DISCOMFORT ZONE, Jonathan Franzen
James Reasoner, THE CASE OF THE HESITANT HOSTESS, Erle Stanley Gardner 
Richard Robinson, THE VIRGIN IN THE ICE, Ellis Peters
Gerard Saylor, U.S. WORLD WAR II AMPHIBIOUS TACTICS, Gordon Rottman 
Kevin TIpple, THE END OF EVERYTHING, Megan Abbott 
TomCat, THE JUDAS CAT, Dorothy Salisbury Davis; WINDS OF EVIL, Arthur Upfield 
TracyK, Forgotten Books Not Yet Read

--Todd Mason

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