[PW] Oil Painting Identification

Pam Garcia pgarcia at mwfls.org
Tue Jul 26 10:50:50 PDT 2016


A patron has an oil painting she would like identified.  I'm not sure if I can add attachments here, so I won't.  If anyone would like to see the painting for better identification purposes, I can send pictures to you individually.  Here is a description:

I would describe this painting as being painted as if to look like a blurry photograph.  You can see a figure of a person, or maybe an adult and child, in the foreground with a windmill behind it/them.  Further in the distance is another windmill.  There appears to be a river in front of the windmill in the foreground and might be one near the windmill in the background.  We believe the signature says "KULCHE" with roman numerals MXCVII.  It is 9"x12".  Patron believes the artist may be Gust Kulche but she is not positive.  A basic Google search does not net many results, except the location of some of his other works.  There is a painting called "Marine" located online done of a similar style.

Thanks for any information and help, and I can send the pictures I have individually if you'd like.



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