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Jessica Fredrickson Jessica.Fredrickson at JeffcoLibrary.org
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Hello everyone,

I received this query from a patron and have not been able to find an answer.  I have asked all my co-workers and they are stumped as well.

The patron believes she saw this movie in the 1950's or 1960's (possibly even the 1970's).  It is about two sisters, one of whom is institutionalized or possibly hospitalized.  One sister comes to visit her faithfully and always brings a dessert when she visits.  The movie is possibly set in England.

The patron did not know the title or any actors (and wasn't too sure about the setting or when it was made).  The one thing she seemed very certain of was the movie being about the relationship between the sisters.  I have searched top 100 lists of the aforementioned years, lists of movies about sisters, keyword searches in Google and so on without success.

Please help!  Thank you,

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