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On 17 Jun 2016 at 22:29, Todd Mason wrote:

>       - Anyone know any personal details about Seon Manley and Gogo
> Lewis? Birth/death dates, etc? All I've found out so far is that the
> two women were sisters; that Seon's maiden name was Givens (and then
> so presumably was Gogo's); and that Seon was born in 1921. And I think
> that Seon lived in East Patchogue NY at one time.   

If my computer weren't so d$%#@ slow after installing Windows 10, I might be able to help 
more, but here's a little.

Gogo has 2 citations in BGMI, both to "Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature."  

Seon has 7 citations in BGMI.  I looked at just one, Contemporary Authors, and it is quite 
substantial, including mention of her autobiography.

Elsewhere on the web (mostly genealogy sources) one can glean more.

Gogo Mona Lewis, born 3 Jan 1923 in New Jersey, died 21 Mar 2008 in South Pasadena, 
Calif, buried in Calverton National Cemetery, NY, because she served in US Army in WW2.  
Husband is William W. Lewis, and they have daughter, Carolyn Susan, age 59.

Janet Seon G. Manley, born 1921 in Connecticut, apparently still living.  Husband is Robert 
R. Manley.  Lived in Bellport NY in 1990 (as did Gogo at some point), and East Patchogue in 
1991.  They have one child, Shivaun (apparently unmarried at age 55.)

1930 census shows sisters "Janet" and "Mona" Givens living with grandparents James and 
Bertha McLean in Manhattan.  Same situation in 1925 NY state census.  No sign of parents 
in either census, although McLeans have 2 adult children also living with them.  The 
daughter, Liberta, however, is "single" (rather than divorced and having reverted to maiden 
name) so it unlikely that she is the mother of the Givens girls.

Both girls went to high school in Stamford, CT (as Janet and Mona Givens) -- yearbooks 
available online.

In summer 1948 "Janet Givens (Seon)" (as name appears on one passenger list), age 27 
and living at 11 St. Lukes Place NYC, sailed alone to Ireland for a month (or at least not with 
another Givens), going on the Mauretania and returning on the Britannic.  She was still 
unmarried as of 1953.

T.F. Mills 
(Colorado, USA)

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