[PW] Tuesday's Overlooked A/V: the links to reviews, interviews and more

Todd Mason foxbrick at yahoo.com
Tue May 10 20:39:07 PDT 2016

The weekly roundup of reviews, interviews, and other citations of (often, though not always, underappreciated example of the dramatic and related arts).

Anne Billson: Ten Deranged French Film Actress Performances; Rash-Inducing Titles

Anonymous: Journey to Italy; Sabrina (1954 film); The Exterminating Angel; My Night at Maud's

Bhob Stewart: "Debris"; "Art of The Man Inside"; "Halucii"

The Big Broadcast: 8 May 2016
07:00p Johnny Dollar
02/05/61 #726 The Who's Who Matter (CBS) (21:30)
07:30p Dragnet
08/24/54 #262 Big Shock (NBC) (25:16)
08:00p Gunsmoke
09/01/57 #282 Jobe's Son (CBS) (24:36)
08:30p Fat Man
10/03/47 A Window for Murder (Norwich) (ABC) (29:36)
09:00p Halls of Ivy
05/31/50 #22 The Sexton Award (Schlitz Beer) (NBC) (29:30)
09:30p Mr. Keen
08/10/51 The Abandoned Well Murder Case (Anacin/RCA Victor) (NBC) (27:58)
10:00p NBC University Theater
01/09/49 The Grapes Of Wrath by John Steinbeck w/Jane Darwell (Sus.) (NBC) (59:48)
Bill Crider: Norwood [trailer] [theme]

B. V. Lawson: Media Murder; and another

Comedy Film Nerds: Stephen Kramer Glickman

Cult TV: Tightrope

Cynthia Fuchs: The 5th Wave

Dan Stumpf: Cry Danger

David Vineyard: Twenty Plus Two

Elizabeth Foxwell: Ghost Story: "Alter Ego" (D. C. Fontana adapting Stanley Ellin's story); "True Crime" at USC Library

Francis M. Nevins: Guy Hamilton, Shirley Eaton, Man in the Middle

George Kelley: Dirty Dancing: The Musical (stage)

"Gilligan Newton-John": Blood Rage; Anguish (an NSFW image or so)

Iba Dawson: Tribeca 2016: Documentaries

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.: Ruthless

J. Kingston Pierce: William Schallert

Jackie Kashian: Dash Kwiatkowski on Superman, Green Lantern and other DC characters

Jackie Kashian and Laurie Kilmartin: The Jackie and Laurie Show

Jacqueline T. Lynch: TCM Classic Film Festival 2016

James Reasoner: Purgatory (1999 telefilm)

Janet Varney: The JV Club

Jerry House: The Ghosts of the Canyon

"John Grant": Key Lime Pie; Too Late for Tears

Jonathan Lewis: Rawhide; Miami Vice: "Heart of Darkness"

Karen Hannsberry: Double Harness

Kate Laity: "Fur Baby"

Ken Levine: 11.22.63

Kliph Nesteroff: Love, American Style: "Love and the Fur Coat"

Kristina Dijan: TCM Classic Film Festival 2016; TCM Side Trips; Elliott Gould and The Long Goodbye; A House Divided; Private Property

Laura G: TCM Classic Film Festival 2016; Too Late for Tears; The First Hundred Years; A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Lucy Brown: Mrs. Biggs

Martin Edwards: Eric Ambler at the British Library; Words in the Square

Marty McKee: Take a Hard Ride; First Blood

Mitchell Hadley: 17 May 1958: TV Guide coverage

Patricia Abbott: Baby Face; Hangmen

Patricia Nolan-Hall: The Comedy of Terrors

Paul Brazill: Grace of My Heart

Prashant Trikannad: Green Zone

Rick: Bill Bixby; Roberta Shore; Jacqueline Scott; Death Valley Days

Rod Lott: Survive!; Crocodile (1979); Jeff Kirschner on (slightly) odd movie murder methods; Blind Fist of Bruce

Ruth Kerr: Lessons in the Dark

Sam Juliano: Dheepan

Sergio Angelini: The Edgar Wallace Mysteries: "The Clue of the New Pin"

Stacia Jones: The Perfume of the Lady in Black; The Man and the Moment; Dead Pigeon on Beethoven Street; Suspicion

Stephen Bowie: The 91st Day (1963 made-for-NET telefilm)

Stephen Gallagher: Danger Man (and Man in a Suitcase)

Steve Lewis: Land Raiders

Steve Q: Underrated film in 1986

Todd Mason: 1950s/early 1960s jazz performance television series in the US and UK

Ty Templeton: Top Ten Catwomen 

Vienna: Arsenic and Old Lace: stage and screen

--Todd Mason

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