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This week's first books/first novels-themed list is hosted by Anthony Award nominee Patricia Abbott thus:
with reviews of Megan Abbott's DIE A LITTLE, Randy Wayne White's SANIBEL FLATS and Pat Conroy's THE GREAT SANTINI...by Patricia Abbott, Kent Morgan and Barry Ergang, respectively, at the page, and links to these below:

Sergio Angelini, NO ORCHIDS FOR MISS BLANDISH, James Hadley Chase
Yvette Banek, CROCODILE ON A SAND BANK, Elizabeth Peters
Joe Barone, LOVE STORIES WITH MURDERS, Harry Bingham
Brian Busby, THE WILD OLIVE, Basil King
Bill Crider, NORWOOD, Charles Portis
Curt Evans, DEATH ON THE LAST TRAIN, George Bellairs 
Rich Horton, Another Ace Double: Empire of the Atom, by A. E. Van Vogt/Space Station #1, by Frank Belknap Long
Jerry House, BILTMORE OSWALD, J. Thorne Smith 
Nick Jones, TIME RIGHT DEADLY, Sarah Gainham 
George Kelley, THE DEMOLISHED MAN, Alfred Bester
Margot Kinberg, NEFARIOUS DOINGS, Ilsa Evans
B.V. Lawson, FIRST CASES, ed. Robert Randisi
Todd Mason, MOTHER ISN'T DEAD SHE'S ONLY SLEEPING by Kit Reed (Houghton Mifflin 1961); SHORT STORY 2 by Arno Karlen, Sally Weber, Michael Rumaker and Gertrude Friedberg (Scribner's 1959)
J.F. Norris, MARE'S NEST, Carlyn Coffin
Matt Paust, CONCRETE ANGEL, Patricia Abbott
James Reasoner, NIGHTRIDER DEPUTY, Ralph R. Perry
Richard Robinson, THE BLESSING WAY, Tony Hillerman 
Sandra Ruttan, HUSH, Anne Frasier
Kevin Tipple, A BOND WITH DEATH, Bill Crider
TomCat, SILENCE IN COURT, Patricia Wentworth
TracyK, THE DEFECTION OF A.J. WINTER, Robert Littell
Westlake Review, THE FOURTH DIMENSION IS DEATH, Donald Westlake

forward by Todd Mason

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