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Tue May 3 16:15:56 PDT 2016

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Anne Billson: Crossfire and 12 older films in theaters;  The Technicolor Yawn: Emesis in Film

Anonymous: The Silence; Winter Light; Viridiana

Bob & Ray Throw a Stereo Spectacular

Bhob Stewart: Ray Nelson, propeller beanies and Beany and Cecil; Bonnie and Clyde

The Big Broadcast, 1 May 2016
07:00p Johnny Dollar
01/15/61 #723 The Very Fishy Matter (CBS) (23:38)
07:30p Dragnet
08/17/54 #261 Big Cad (NBC) (25:24)
08:00p Gunsmoke
08/25/57 #281 Grass (07/11/53) (Sus.) (CBS) (29:22)
08:30p Nick Carter
07/29/45 Case of the Unwritten Letter (Lin-X) (MBS) (29:10)
09:00p Halls of Ivy
05/24/50 #21 The Fighting Med Student (Schlitz Beer) (NBC) (29:50)
09:30p Nightbeat
07/03/50 Marty (Wheaties) (NBC) (29:28)
10:00p Suspense
02/07/48 #283 Donovan's Brain w/John McIntire, Joseph Kearns (Sus.) (CBS) (59:48)
Bill Crider: Thunderbolt and Lightfoot [trailer]

B. V. Lawson: Media Murder

Comedy Film Nerds: Aisha Tyler on indie films; Geoff Tate

Cult TV: The Stone Tape

Cynthia Fuchs: Tribeca Festival: The Return; Solitary

Elizabeth Foxwell: Danger on the Air 

George Kelley: The Commitments

"Gilligan Newton-John": The Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz; Test Tube Teens from the Year 2000

Iba Dawson: TCM Film Film Festival

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.: Broken Arrow (tv series)

Jackie Kashian: Riley Silverman

Jackie Kashian and Laurie Kilmartin: The Jackie and Laurie Show

Jacqueline T. Lynch: film actors on stage: Storrowton Music Fair

James Reasoner: The Last Witch Hunter

Janet Varney: Alison Bennett (comedian and writer, You're the Worst)

Jerry House: Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

"John Grant": Impulsos

Jonathan Lewis: Curse of the Faceless Man; Lonely Are the Brave; Wagon Master

Karen Hannsberry: Wallace Ford

Ken Levine: contra Larry Wilmore

Kliph Nesteroff: the final performance of Harry Einstein (aka ParkYerKarkus) (the father of Albert "Brooks" Einstein and Bob Einstein, aka Super Dave Osborne)

Kristina Dijan: Arsene Lupin (1932 film); Another Man's Poison; Moonfleet; Stray Dog; The Bad Sleep Well

Laura G: I Married an Angel; Riding Shotgun; Special Investigator; Dennis O'Keefe; Rose-Marie

Lucy Brown: Leaving

The Franchise Affair

Martin Edwards: The Franchise Affair

Marty McKee: Tarzan's Three Challenges; Braddock: Missing in Action III

Megan Abbott: Calvary

Mitchell Hadley: Boston/Providence/Manchester TV, 6 May 1957

Patricia Nolan-Hall: Sing, You Sinners

Patti Abbott: Dear Murderer

Rick: The Killer Elite; 7 Obscure Movies

Rod Lott: The Forest; Sharkansas Women's Prison Murder; They Came from Beyond Space; The Bermuda Triangle (1978 film)

"Rupert Pupkin": Steele Justice; Assassination

Ruth Kerr: All the President's Men

Sam Juliano: Montclair Film Festival; The Crucible (stage) and Orpheus Descending (stage)

Sergio Angelini: Asylum (1972 film based on Robert Bloch stories)

Stacia Jones: Trashy Lady

Vienna: Bebe Daniels; Midnight Intruder

Walker Martin: Windy City Pulp Convention 2016

-Todd Mason

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