[PW] Occitan (was: Marshall McCluhan quote)

John Cowan cowan at mercury.ccil.org
Wed Apr 27 11:19:55 PDT 2016

T.F. Mills scripsit:

> Interesting!  At least one Tintin title has been translated
> into Occitan, and it was among the first to be so treated among
> francophonia's 75 regional languages, so I always assumed there was
> a ready audience for it.

A ready sale, perhaps, but I wouldn't be surprised if it went unread a
great deal of the time.  Occitan has undergone a lot of oppression in
France: see <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vergonha> for details.

I bought and read a graphic novel adaptation of _Kidnapped_ in Scots and
enjoyed it, but I've been reading Scots and semi-Scots since my youth.
I can't speak it or write it.

weirdo:    When is R7RS coming out?
Riastradh: As soon as the top is a beautiful golden brown and if you
stick a toothpick in it, the toothpick comes out dry.

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