[PW] 8th Anniversary Friday's Books, for Earth Day 2016

Todd Mason foxbrick at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 22 09:56:02 PDT 2016

Patricia Abbott's 8th Anniversary includes links to the original blogs, though not the blog posts, that kicked off the roundelay, and reprints her review of Paula Fox's DESPERATE CHARACTERS, at

Yvette Banek, DEATH AS A DINOSAUR, Frances and Richard LockridgeJoe Barone, STICK GAME, Peter Bowen 
Elgin Bleeker, NIGHTMARE ALLEY, William Lindsay Gresham
Les Blatt, RICHARDSON'S FIRST CASE, Sir Basil Thomson 
Brian Busby, Antoine Gérin-Lajoie, Jean Rivard [Vida Bruce, trans] 
Bill Crider, WIPED OUT, John D. Newsome
Martin Edwards, THE RIVERSIDE VILLAS MURDERS, Kingsley Amis 
Curt Evans, DEATH OF A BUSYBODY, George Bellairs
Ed Gorman, CROSS COUNTRY: THE BOOK BIZ. Herbert Kastle
Rich Horton,  Ace Double: The Genetic General/Time to Teleport, by Gordon R. Dickson
Nic Jones,  DEATH OF A CITIZEN, Donald Hamilton
George Kelley, COLOR OUT OF TIME, Michael Shea 
Margot Kinberg, THE PAGE 3 MURDERS, Kalpana Swaminathan
B.V. Lawson, A TIME FOR PIRATES, Gavin Black

Steve Lewis/Barry Gardner, DEATH OF A RUSSIAN PRIEST, Stuart Kaminsky 
Todd Mason, THE COMPLETE HUMBUG, edited by Harvey Kurtzman, et al.J. F. Norris, I'LL BE JUDGE, I'LL BE JURY, Elizaberth Hely 
Mathew Paust, JACKSTRAW, Ron Faust 
Reactions to Reading, SIX FOUR, Hideo Yokoyama 
James Reasoner, PHANTOM RAIDERS, Peter Dawson 
Gerard Saylor, PARADISE SKY, Joe R. Lansdale 
Kerrie Smith, PROHIBITED ZONE, Alastair Sarre
The Rap Sheet, Steven Nester. THE FEARMAKERS, Darwin L. Teilhut 
Kevin Tipple/Barry Ergang, SON OF A WANTED MAN, Louis L'Amour
TracyK, WHAT IS MINE, Anne Holt; TROUBLE ON THE THAMES, Victor Bridges 

Westlake Review, ONE OF US IS WRONG, Samuel Holt

--forwarded by Todd Mason

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