[PW] History of the "Moose-Anana" Query

Kay Lancaster kay at hub.fern.com
Tue Apr 12 11:43:46 PDT 2016

Bananas for sale came to the US in 1804 from Cuba, on 
schooners, so they've been around for awhile in US commerce, 
though uncommon till about 1900, if I trust my plant breeding 
class notes.  Pretty much confined to being irregularly available 
in NY and Boston in the early 1800s.

I remember one of the stated goals of United Fruit was to bring 
in bananas to the US market at prices "cheaper than apples".

As an aside, my husband lived in Trinidad and Barbados in the 
early 1960s, and banana bunches were then still being carried on 
shipboard on the backs of local workers, with a tallyman 
attending to the count so they could be properly paid. (Hey, Mr. 
Tallyman, tally me banana.)


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