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If you visit HathiTrust and search for "GERRY KIDDIE CARRIER"
upper-limit 1959 you will find some matches:

Summit v.3:11 1957
Appalachia. v. 31 1956-57
Appalachia. v. 32 1958-59
Trail and timberline. 1953-1955 no.409-444
Appalachia. v.31 1956-1957
Trail and timberline. 1956-1958 no.445-480

A follow-up search will allow you to get a page number. If you can
access one of these volumes you should be able to find an

Google Books also shows matches, but the metadata is less exact and
less reliable.

Searching for "GERRY KIDDIE CARRIER" in Google Books does yield a
snippet match so you can see part of the advertisement which ran
several times in Trail and Timberline:

Year: 1955 to 1959
Periodical: Trail and Timberline
Author: Colorado Mountain Club (Worldcat info)
Publisher: Denver, Colorado Mountain Club (Worldcat info)
Issues 409-444
Pages: 67, 94, 105
Google Snippet View; Metadata may be inaccurate; must be verified on
paper. Use HathiTrust metadata for guidance.


[Begin excerpt]
Look . . . No Baby Sitter With A
A safe and comfortable back-pack
for carrying infants up to age 3 1/2
 Easy - natural
 Piggy-back fashion
 1 1/2 '' adj. web harness
 Money-back guarantee
[End excerpt]

There are newspaper ads in the 1960s for Gerry products of this type.
It would be helpful to know the precise name or names Gerry was using
for this type of product in the 1950s. Newspapers.com has an October
5, 1966 ad in "The Troy Record" of Troy New York for "GERRY'S
KIDDIE-Pak carrier".

If you search for "kiddie carrier" in Newspapers.com there is a match
back on May 22, 1934 in The Coshocton Tribune of Coshocton, Ohio. (Not
a Gerry product presumably.) The picture shows a woman with a child
being carried on her back with an apparatus. The title "HERE'S HOW

I assume you already have examples of older child carriers such as
Cradleboards (if pertinent).

Best wishes, Garson

On Fri, Apr 8, 2016 at 9:45 AM, Sam Link <sam.link at gmail.com> wrote:
> Here's a scavenger hunt:
> I've got a patron who is doing a presentation on the babywearing movement,
> and is looking for a 1950's-era advertisement for a Gerry baby carrier.
> Anyone know of a good resource to hunt for old ads?
> Thanks,
> Sam
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