[PW] Thorarinn Gunnarsson -- author's real name?

Bill Davis wmadavis at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 13:02:30 PDT 2016

It doesn't seem to have been made public, but my guess it is a 
pseudonym used by Walter Jon Williams, who is a prolific author said 
to be able to write in a number of styles, and who wrote a "context" 
for Thorarinn Gunnarsson's account of why he used a pen name:


And if you Google for images of Gunnarsson, the only image I've seen 
of him looks like old photos of Williams.



Bill Davis

At 01:13 PM 4/8/2016, you wrote:
>I have a patron looking for sci-fi author Thorarinn Gunnarsson's real name.
>I'm not sure if it's out there or if he's kept it under wraps. Any advice
>for this?
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>University of Dallas, Irving, TX
>ebarksdale at udallas.edu
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