[PW] Announcement: Minor, Probably Invisible, Change to Server Settings

Molly Day mollyday1 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 17:15:33 PDT 2016

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Martha Stoodley

On Sat, Apr 2, 2016 at 2:59 PM, John Franklin <jfranklin at project-wombat.org>

> We are making a small change to the settings for Mailman, the list
> processing software which runs Project Wombat. Most subscribers will be
> totally unaffected, but on the off chance that any unforeseen problems
> arise, it seems safer to announce that the change is being made before
> making it, so that everyone has a copy of the warning message.
> Mailman tracks messages which bounce. (That is, if your mail server is
> rejecting messages from the list, Mailman will keep track of how many have
> been rejected and at what rate.) The default settings, which we have never
> changed, are to clear any records which are older than 7 days, and to
> disable any subscription which has had bounced messages on at least 5 days.
> From now on, the records will be cleared after 6 days, instead.
> People whose mail servers are not rejecting messages will notice no
> change, because their records are clear anyway.
> People whose mail servers are rejecting ALL list messages (which might,
> for example, be caused by a full mailbox) will notice no change, because
> they will reach 5 bounces in 5 days, which would have happened anyway and
> will still happen.
> The only people who will be effected are those whose mail servers are
> rejecting some, but not all, messages, and the effect will be to prevent
> their subscriptions from being suspended quite as often. Believe it or not,
> we have actually detected at least one special case which will be solved by
> taking this action.
> The only action Mailman takes due to bounce monitoring is to disable
> subscriptions, so if you develop a problem with the list OTHER THAN having
> your subscription automatically disabled, it has nothing to do with this
> change.
> If you have any questions about the change, please contact me off-list.
> (Don’t just use your mail program’s “reply” function, because that will go
> to the list instead.)
> -John Franklin
> Chair, Project Wombat Advisory Board
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