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Hello from Kentucky, 
I see that this issue is available on eBay for $8.00. 

Not as good a price as free, but better than $80.00 😀.


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> On Mar 24, 2016, at 9:26 PM, Karen Lofstrom <klofstrom at gmail.com> wrote:
> A few years ago I used an article in Threads magazine to cut out and sew a
> shift. I think it was a Victorian pattern, crafted to use every scrap of
> material (gussets, triangles pieced together). No waste. Then I pruned my
> library and got rid of all my old Threads magazines.
> I would like to make the shift again. I have the shift I made, which I
> could use as a pattern, but I do not have the cutting layout. If someone
> could please send me a pdf or jpeg of the cutting layout, I would much
> appreciate it. (I could subscribe to the Threads archive, but that would be
> $80 I do not have.)
> A Linen Shift
> by Kathleen Smith
> Threads issue #9
> Feb/Mar 1987
> starting on page 46
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