[PW] Book about Maine folklore?

Stacey Marien smarien at american.edu
Fri Mar 11 11:22:08 PST 2016

Hello All

A friend has asked for help in finding this book.  Here is her description

I read it probably 20 years ago and I think it was old at the time. It is
either a Maine Indian tale or perhaps a folklore tale from Quebec. It takes
place in a forested region where the men work logging. The subject is a
lady who would prefer to be an animal, a quail if I remember right. She
only retains these properties if she lives in that region. She becomes a
quail during the day and a woman at night.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?


Stacey Marien
Acquisitions Librarian
American University Library
smarien at american.edu

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