[PW] Book of prayers from colonial era written in 1950s/1960s?

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Actually I did mean the 1960s.  The patron mentioned we had it in our collection at one time to check out.  

Thanks everyone for your help.  I'll see if I can narrow it down more by Common prayer (would a prayer said during the constitutional convention be considered a common prayer?)


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> Didn't know the title or author just that it was old and written 
> sometime in the 1960s (possibly earlier).
> Assuming of course you meant 1690s (I remember the 1960s; it wasn't 
> *that*
long ago!) I am also suspecting it was the Book of Common Prayer, which was originally written in the 1500s. Most English-speaking people in the colonies were at least nominally Anglican (Church of England), and in several colonies it was the official religion.

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