[PW] Book of prayers from colonial era written in 1950s/1960s?

Klocek, Angela aklocek at sccl.lib.mi.us
Fri Mar 4 07:05:36 PST 2016

Has anyone heard of a book which had prayers that were said during the colonial era for funerals, inaugural events, general times...
Didn't know the title or author just that it was old and written sometime in the 1960s (possibly earlier).  The person who was looking also didn't think the word "prayer" was in the title.

I found a section taken from the Americas journal in 1958, but not sure that is what she is looking for.  I also find a book from the Colonial Press written in 1989 about Religion in Colonial times (said was too recent).

I'm stumped.... I've looked on Amazon, Library of Congress Catalog, Google, etc.

Angela Klocek
St. Clair County Library System
Port Huron Michigan

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