[PW] Foreign opinions of levels of learning in 18th-19th century America?

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Wed Feb 24 19:51:07 PST 2016

Charles Dickens's *American Notes* was published in 1842. In the chapter on
Lowell, Massachusetts, he writes about the magazine that the female
mill-workers write and publish themselves, and compares it favorably to
professionally produced annuals such as his own. (See pp. 28–29 in the copy
linked below.) He mentions a 10,000-volume circulating library in Virginia
(p. 52) in the midst of an anti-slavery section. There are doubtless other
references buried in these double columns of agate type.

The copy I looked at was the first US edition, digitized by the Harvard
University library and available to read at the Hathi Trust
<https://www.hathitrust.org/>: http://hdl.handle.net/2027/hvd.32044019887660

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